Wright Memorial Masonic Lodge No. 448 Newtownards Irish Constitution Province of Down
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We meet on nine evenings per year in Newtownards Masonic Centre, primarily for charitable purposes.  This includes supporting our own members and especially their widows and dependents but also the wider community.  Some of the many areas where we provide support include education, respite care, and finance.

Membership is open to all men of good reputation in their community who have a belief in a Supreme Being.  Every member has his own reasons for joining and for many this includes the opportunity to socialise with people from other walks of life whom they might not otherwise meet in their own circle of friends and acquaintances.

In common with most organisations there is a joining fee and an annual membership fee both of which currently stand at £50.00.  Members are also expected to make a personal subscription to charity once per year and to support all fundraising events and initiatives.

Meetings are run on parliamentary rules with all remarks being made through the chair and all offices are voluntary with members being elected from the floor.  One feature of our organisation which is possibly unique is that every member can occupy the chair for one year based only on good attendance, which we hold to be an essential aspect of membership.  Officers are installed in their various positions in January and  we usually have a dinner evening in February to mark the occasion.  Appointments from our membership are also made to represent the Lodge for a variety of purposes including charity, visiting the sick and vetting new members.

Throughout the year various events may be organised including an annual quiz evening.  Most events are open to members and their guests and are normally held in the Newtownards Masonic Social Club which is a separate entity within the Centre.  The club charges a nominal annual membership fee and although Lodge members are not obliged to join, many do.

We would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in finding out more about our Lodge or Masonry in Ireland and you can do this best by using the enquiry form on our Contact page